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A jewelry store owner in Santa Rosa, California, shot two suspects during an attempted armed robbery. (Photo: Shutterstock)

A jewelry store owner shot two suspects during a violent robbery in Santa Rosa, California.

According to KPIX, two robbers stormed into Bennett Valley Jewelers on thursday afternoon. One immediately grabbed the store manager and held her hostage at gunpoint. The other went for the Rolexes.

Store owner Ty Visscher retrieved the gun he keeps in the store, and opened fire on the suspect holding the hostage. The suspect, identified as Jimmy Terry of Oakland, was hit. He was arrested and is recovering in an area hospital.

Visscher also fired on the second suspect, hitting him in the leg. He remains at large after evading a manhunt. Police are asking for local hospitals to be alert.

“There’s a lot of hospitals in the Bay Area that this person can potentially go to. If not yesterday or today, but in the future, depending how bad the wound is,” said Lt. Lance Badger of the Santa Rosa Police Department.

According to KTVU, the store manager was shot in the arm during the incident. She is recovering at home after leaving the hospital.

As KPIX reports, this is the second time robbers have targeted that store in a year. It is one of just three certified Rolex dealers in the North Bay.

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