Kahr Arms is expanding its product line by adding another new color: Purple. Building on the success of the Cobalt Blue Kahr CW9, Black and Orange Auto Ordnance 1911, Burnt Bronze Desert Eagle and the Robin Eggshell Blue Kahr PM9, Kahr has teamed with firearms wholesaler Davidson’s, Inc., for the introduction of a purple version of the CW9 and CW380.

According to the press release, both of these models come with the same features as the standard CW9 and CW380, but with a purple polymer frame.

Chambered in 9mm, the purple Kahr CW9 has a 3.565″ barrel with a 1-10 right-hand twist. The weight, height and width make it ideal for concealed carry. It measures 4.5″ in height and 5.9″ in overall length. It weighs 15.8 oz with an added 1.9 oz to accommodate the magazine, which has a capacity of 7+1. The slide width is 0.90″. This handgun also comes with a drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned in polymer front sight. The MSRP for the purple Kahr CW9 is $435.00.

The purple Kahr CW380 is chambered in .380 ACP and boasts a 2.58″ barrel with a 1 – 16 right-hand twist. It measures just 4.96″ in overall length. The height is 3.9″ and it weighs 10.2 oz, with an additional magazine weight of 1.3 oz. The slide width is 0.75″. This handgun has a magazine capacity of 6+1. Similar to the CW9, the CW380 comes with an adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned in polymer front sight. MSRP is $404.

For more information about the purple CW9 or CW380, and the full range of products currently offered by Kahr Arms, please visit

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