Famed fitness trainer, model and certified self-defense instructor Linda Vu is set to host a women’s self-defense seminar on July 27 in Las Vegas, NV. She’ll be assisted by pro MMA fighter and personal trainer Shawn Fitzsimmons.

During the two-hour course, Vu will teach students a variety of techniques from martial arts and police training to enable women to protect themselves from several different types of assaults.

“I want you to seriously think about this especially if you’re a female. If you were being attacked, how would you defend yourself?” asked Vu. “Even if you call the police, it could take them 10 minutes or longer to respond. Which in most cases will be too late.”

According to the press release, Vu is trained and certified in Wing Chun Kung Fu, best known as the late Bruce Lee’s martial arts foundation. She is also trained in Close Quarters Combat (CQC).

This interactive workshop includes, but is not limited to:

* Recognize, Avoid & Defend Yourself
* Basic Principles of Self Defense & Taking Control
* Fast, simple and effective steps to take down & disarm an assailant in seconds
* Defend from an Attack From Behind
* Techniques & Strategies to Defend Against Knife and Gun Attacks
* Physical Drills & Scenarios
* Ground Defensive Technique
* Identifying Soft Targets

Cost of the seminar is $25. Participants are asked to wear comfortable shoes and clothes and bring water and a towel.

Linda Vu Fitness Academy is located at 3160 S. Valley View Blvd., Ste. 207, Las Vegas, NV, 89102

For more information, please visit or

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