Man-PACK: ITP Holster Pull Thru Holster
Man-PACK: ITP Holster Pull Thru Holster

Virginia-based manufacturer Man-PACK — makers of the popular “Classic”, “Classic” 2.0 and “Classic” 2.0 XL gear bags — released their new ITP Pull Thru Holster.

This black nylon holster is fully ambidextrous and secures inside the Man-PACK bag with a switchable metal clip. It is fully lined and available in 10 different sizes to fit a majority of handguns, including 22-25 Small Autos, Revolvers with 3″ BBLs, 2″ Snub Revolvers, Sigma 380′s, Kahr 9mm, and more. This holster also comes with a velcro closure for a firm, secure fit. Simply put, the ITP Holster Pull Thru Holster is perfect for your concealed carry needs.

The fully adjustable ITP Pull Thru Holster from Man-PACK is available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $14.99. See below for product features and available sizes.

Features: ITP Pull Thru Holster

* Nylon, Black
* Fully Lined Holster
* Ambidextrous holster
* Secures inside the Man-PACK (or pants) with a switchable metal clip
* Available in 10 popular sizes to fit most handguns.
* Comes with Velcro closure
* Fully adjustable


* 22-25 Small Autos
* Revolvers with 3″ BBLs
* 2″ Snub Revolvers
* Sigma 380′s
* Kel-Tecs
* Kahr 9mm
* Standard 380′s
* Glock 19, 23, Baby Glocks
* Revolvers – 4″ bbls
* Colt & Springfield 1911 LG Frame Auto
* Compact 9mm such as FireStar
* Full Size Glocks Rugers S&W Sigs Autos – 4″ BBLs

For more information about the ITP Pull Thru Holster, and the full range of products currently offered by Man-PACK, please visit

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