Smith Martial Arts is teaching a women's self-defense class.
Smith Martial Arts is teaching a women's self-defense class.

Smith Martial Arts, a martial arts studio located in Greensburg, Indiana, is offering an introductory self-defense course to women of all ages.

According to the Greensburg Daily News, the class taught by Master Shane Smith will cover situational awareness, as well as a number of different techniques one can use to defend themselves in a dangerous situation.

Deputy Tony Blodgett, of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department, and Indiana State Police Detective Dan Elmore will assist Smith with the class.

“I come to these to teach people how to protect themselves,” Blodgett told the Daily News, before adding that police are still minutes away when they are needed the most.

As the Daily News reports, people are often still in danger during that crucial time after they dial 911 and before police arrive. Therefore, it is imperative that women learn basic self-defense techniques which could help save their lives.

Smith, Blodgett and Elmore each said that situational awareness is of vital importance. Everyone should “become aware of your situation, become aware of your surroundings,” Elmore said.

Elmore teaches his students to travel in groups whenever possible. He also says they should plan escape routes, survey their immediate area, and make eye contact with any potential threats, the Daily News reported.

It’s not about winning the fight, it’s about surviving,” Elmore said.

The self-defense class is set for Wednesday, July 30 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The cost of attendance is $10 per person. Reservations are not required, but you can contact Smith Martial Arts at 812-222-0440 to ensure space is available.

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