Colorado residents can take a new concealed carry class at the Glenwood Springs Recreation Department.

Colorado residents who want to obtain a concealed carry permit can do so through a new class at the Glenwood Springs Recreation Department.

“It’s been several years since we did it last, but we’ve been getting some requests so we decided to offer it again,” said James Main, athletic programs coordinator for city rec.

According to the Post Independent, there will be two separate classes offered in September. Certified instructor Dave Hatch, who has been teaching concealed carry classes for roughly 15 years now, will teach both of them.

The first class is set for Sept. 11. It is a four-hour, classroom-only session which provides students with important lessons in gun safety, loading and gun care, as well as different firing techniques and a review of the state gun laws, primarily those pertaining to concealed carry.

As the Post Independent reports, the second class will take place on Sept. 20 and it combines classroom lessons with hands-on training at the Glenwood Springs shooting range in South Canyon.

“The main thing we emphasize is gun safety and the laws about concealed carry,” said Hatch, who is also a deputy with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. “We want to make sure people know what the laws are about holding, transporting and displaying a gun.”

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