A self-defense training center in Augusta, Georgia, teaches women how to protect themselves in the event of a sexual assault.

“Everything we do is gross motor skills and it’s very, very simple. We use a woman’s primary abilities to use her strong tools against the weaker abilities of the man,” said Tony Price, owner of Absolute Self Defense and Fitness.

According to WRDW, Price says his training is unique because it presents the material backwards and prepares students for the worst possible outcome.

“We start from the very worst possible position where everything else has failed and rape is actually imminent,” Price said.

Price certainly has the credentials to helm the self-defense training center. In 2014, he was named the Self Defense Instructor of the Year by the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Instructor Angela Winkler told WRDW that it is imperative women learn how to protect themselves in this day and age.

“Criminals are expecting women not to fight back. They’re expecting us to be weak and complacent. You’re more powerful than you realize,” Winkler said.

The course consists of three hour sessions and three levels. It is offered as a community service once a month to churches and ministries in Augusta. It costs $25 for a private session.

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