A series of sexual assaults in Tulsa, Oklahoma — many of which have occurred while the woman is alone at home sleeping — has caused an increase in sales of pepper sprays and tasers in the area, but those aren’t the only options when it comes to self-defense.

According to News on 6, Gaby Fuson of the Oklahoma Police Supply Store says another option is to defend yourself before the attacker even enters your home. This can be done by placing glasses at your door’s threshold. If the door opens, they break, which alerts the homeowner.

“You are in your own home – you have home advantage literally,” Fuson said. “Make it difficult for them to just get in quietly – don’t be afraid be ready.”

Pepper spray and tasers aren’t for everyone, Fuson maintains.

“When you are indoors and you spray pepper, you are gonna get it on you. If you are asleep in the dark and you pick up the pepper you don’t know where you are spraying,” she said.

Used outside, the wind might send pepper spray back into your eyes, which would give the attacker a significant advantage. Therefore, Fuson thinks women should explore various methods of self-defense.

“From martial arts to street fighting to pistol defense, home defense,” Fuson said. “There are so many schools of thought. Not one of them applies to everyone.”

As News on 6 reports, Fuson feels that every woman must have a plan on what to do in a dangerous situation.

“Find something,” she said. “You can’t have someone defending you and protecting you at all times. Help yourself and your family by making yourself strong enough to defend yourself.”

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