Author Denis Prisbrey investigated the long-range abilities of Colt’s .308-caliber M2012LT308G bolt-action rifle for the 2015 issue of COMPLETE BOOK OF GUNS. The custom-quality rifle is built through a cooperative agreement between Colt and Montana’s Cooper Firearms.

“Fabricated overall to jointly agreed-on specifications, the Colt M2012LT is built around Cooper’s forged steel, open-top bolt action, which is short-bedded directly below the chamber and surrounds a helically fluted, three-lugged bolt that provides a 60-degree bolt lift and carries a short spring-loaded extractor and plunger ejector in its face,” says Prisbrey in his review. “The Colt M2012LT port is sizable enough for reliable ejection; and the Colt M2012LT uses a detachable steel mag…. The mag locks solidly into the alloy bottom metal via a no-fumble, forward-push steel serrated lever latch located outside the triggerguard, just behind the mag.”

Prisbrey went on to note the high level of detail Cooper has taken in overseeing the rifle’s manufacturing in cooperation with Colt. “The ‘sightless’ rifle comes with a 6-inch section of Picatinny rail mounted behind a heavy 22-inch, fluted, free-floated, button-rifled barrel that is fitted at the muzzle with a proprietary brake designed and fabricated in-house at
the Cooper factory. In fact, the rifle’s manufactured almost entirely in-house, including the stock, for maximum control over components and consistency.”

At the range, Prisbrey found the Colt .308 lived up to its expected long-distance capabilities. “Colt expects one minute of angle (MOA) at 100 yards and Cooper expects half-minute accuracy, all with premium ammunition. While I couldn’t quite pull that off at 100 yards, I did come close,” says Prisbrey. “The biggest surprise, besides the very low recoil levels from the efficient muzzle brake combined with the 8.5-pound rifle under a 12-ounce optic, was that the M2012 actually shot those two loads tighter at 200 yards than it did at 100.”

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