Kahr CM9
Kahr CM9

In an article for the 2015 issue of COMPLETE BOOK OF GUNS, author Zack Carlson described his search for a new concealed-carry gun and his subsequent discovery of the Kahr CM9. After a few custom touches, Carlson was able to optimize the CM9 for CCW defense!

“While shopping at my local gun store I came across the Kahr CW9 pistol. 
It was very thin, light and felt great in my hand,” says Carlson. “The CW9 is a 7+1 capacity, single-stack 9mm with a 3.5-inch barrel. 
I carried the CW9 perfectly content until the CM9 came out. The CM9 shortened the barrel to 3 inches and the grip to hold 6+1 instead. The CM9 was touted as the affordable alternative to the Kahr PM9.”

With his CM9 in hand, Carlson began the task of optimizing the pistol with aftermarket parts and custom machining from Mod 1 Firearms. “Now that the slide was machined and refinished, I reinstalled all the internal parts. I polished all bearing surfaces myself to ensure smooth operation. The Kahr is already known for a super smooth trigger pull. The pull is long but it is very smooth,” says Carlson. “To help with the trigger pull weight I installed a Wolff striker spring. The lighter weight spring lightened the trigger pull while retaining reliability. The spring also provides a way to alter the trigger with no permanent modifications. It can also easily be swapped back to the stock spring if desired.”

The final product was a customized CM9 that exceeded Carlson’s expectations. “After first reassembling the CM9, I was taken aback with how beautiful it is. I had always seen the CM9 as a tool. It was the best tool I had at the time but I never thought of it as beautiful. After the modifications were done and the new colors applied during refinishing it is a beauty. The project has really made me want to do more custom Kahrs.”

To read the full article, check out the 2015 issue of COMPLETE BOOK OF GUNS, available on July 15, 2014. To subscribe, go to https://www.personaldefenseworld.com/subscribe.

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