Smith & Wesson's Model 929
Smith & Wesson's Model 929

For the November 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, Paul Scarlata took a look at a unique 9mm offering from Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center—the Model 929. The 8-shot, N-Frame revolver is intended for competition use, a point emphasized by the signature of legendary competitive shooter Jerry Miculek scrawled on the gun’s frame. Right out of the box, Scarlata was struck by the Model 929’s exceptional quality.

“The Model 929 revolver is a product of S&W’s renowned Performance Center. S&W is well known for its Performance Center line of pistols and revolvers. These are carefully assembled from the finest components, using all of the traditional skills of the custom gunsmith,” says Scarlata. “The results are handguns that are not only unique, but also eminently shootable and capable of extreme accuracy.”

The fit and finish of the Model 929 impressed Scarlata, who viewed its features as expertly engineered for the performance of the 9mm cartridge. “First of all, it features a super strong, but very lightweight, titanium cylinder that holds eight rounds of 9mm ammunition and is cut for full moon clips for super fast loading, unloading and reloading,” says Scarlata. “The 6.5-inch barrel has a full-length, tapered underlug to mollify the effects of recoil while a muzzle-mounted compensator reduces muzzle flip. If you don’t wish to use the compensator, or if you’re competing in a division that doesn’t allow it, it can be removed and replaced with a false muzzle in a matter of minutes.”

In testing the pistol, Scarlata was able to achieve tight groups from a distance of 25 yards. “The gun showed a definite preference for heavier projectiles and I was able to produce a number of sub-1.5-inch groups with Federal and CorBon loads.”

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