In a review for the 2015 issue of the COMPLETE BOOK OF GUNS, author John Higgs examined the 12-gauge Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme. Featuring a timeless double-barrel design, the Coach Gun delivered reliable range patterns and impressive styling.

“Our test piece was a 12-gauge Stoeger Coach Gun with double triggers, removable chokes…and blued 20-inch barrels. The shotgun
 also featured a walnut forend and
stock…and a brass bead front sight,” says Higgs. “Considering that double-barrel shotguns can run into the thousands of dollars, overall fit and finish of the Stoeger seems very good for the money. Stoeger’s line of Coach, Coach Supreme and Uplander side-by-side guns provide a variety of finishes, from blued to stainless to matte to polished nickel, and are available in 12 and 20 gauge and .410 bore.”

During his testing, Higgs found that the Stoger Coach Gun offered ergonomics that made it easy to shoot for operators of any size. “When I picked up the Coach Gun…I asked some of the staff for their first impressions. All agreed the gun is short, light and balances nicely—features that one of the shorter-statured staff members told me were important for her. I agree. Those are good attributes for an all-around shotgun like the Stoeger Coach Gun.”

On the range, Higgs achieved tight patterns with a variety of 12-gauge ammunition at various distances. “At 3 yards, it was almost a solid shot column not much bigger than the barrel diameter. At 15 yards, the patterns from both barrels were opening up a tad, but you could still cover them with the bottom of a coffee mug. Fiocchi 1-ounce, low-recoil slugs off-hand at
 15 yards produced good headshots in a B27 silhouette target, with a controlled pair measuring approximately 2 inches center to center.”

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