Wilson Combat Customizes The Classic Beretta 92
Wilson Combat Customizes The Classic Beretta 92

In the “Custom Corner” column for the November 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, Massad Ayoob tested a Beretta 92 customized by the gunsmiths at Wilson Combat. The classic Beretta design, long proven in combat and self-defense roles, has been tuned with the input of revered gunsmith and competitive shooter Ernest Langdon. Wilson Combat has also added to the package, among many new features, the addition of a Novak rear sight and fiber-optic front, expanded checkering on the front and back grip straps and a rounded triggerguard.

“The sights came dialed in for point of aim/point of impact (POA/POI), always an indication that the maker actually cares about the quality of the gun, and offered an excellent sight picture for fast work,” says Ayoob in his review. “The checkering felt secure in the hand, and wasn’t rough enough that it would bother the shooter in an intensive thousand-rounds-a-day shooting course. That might not be true of those fiercely sharp G10 grips, however, but they sure don’t let the gun move in your hand while you are shooting.”

At the range, Ayoob assembled a team of professional shooters to put the customized Beretta through its paces. Members of the team included Ray Millican, John Strayer and Bill Pfeil.

“Our test team universally liked the oversized mag-release button. Some of those devices will accidentally release the magazine when the middle finger of the non-dominant hand contacts it in shooting grasp. This one never did, over hundreds of rounds in many hands,” says Ayoob. “The big thing, of course, is the action job. In double action (DA), the trigger pull weight averaged 8.5 pounds. Single action (SA) averaged out at 4.1 pounds. The DA throw was smooth and sweet, and the SA break was crisp and clean.”

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