Project ChildSafe has teamed up with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to announce the second annual S.A.F.E Summer campaign, which is a part of Project ChildSafe’s program which stresses the importance of responsible firearm storage, especially while children are home from school and likely to be left unattended. Check out the press release below.

“Each month, Project ChildSafe will recognize and spotlight local leaders nationwide who are promoting safety and making a difference in their community as the program turns its national message into local action. The firearm industry is promoting safe and responsible ownership through its network — reinforcing Project ChildSafe’s overarching message, “Own it? Respect It. Secure it,” — so that programs such as S.A.F.E. Summer serve as a reminder that proper firearm storage is the #1 way to prevent firearm accidents, theft and misuse.

“Our mission is to make the mantra “Own it? Respect it. Secure it.” second nature when talking about firearm safety,” says Steve Sanetti, President of NSSF. “The S.A.F.E Summer initiative aims to emphasize the importance of safe and responsible storage in communities across the country.”

“S.A.F.E.” serves as an acronym for Store your firearms responsibly when not in use; Be Aware of those around you who should not have unauthorized access to guns; Focus on your responsibility as a firearm owner and Educate yourself and others about safe firearm handling and storage. The effort is focused on providing education and tools that helps gun owners take responsible action to keep their families and communities safer.”

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