Remora has unveiled the new Shoulder Rig, an ambidextrous system which accompanies interchangeable gun holsters and accessory attachments.

Compatible with Remora’s ankle, calf and thigh holsters, the adjustable, comfortable and lightweight Remora Shoulder Rig attaches to your belt with snaps and accepts up to two firearms, with one on each side. This rig comes with an industrial velcro attachment, which lets the end user to easily attach the holster and other accessories. The velcro enables you to easily cant the holsters on both sides. Another appealing feature of this rig is the removable restraint straps, which allow full grip when drawing your weapon. Simply put, if you’re looking for a great low profile rig for concealed carry, look no further.

Made from marine grade webbing, the Remora Shoulder Rig is available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $48.95. See below for additional details.

Features: Remora Shoulder Rig

* Ambidextrous & Interchangeable Holster.
* Comfortable & Lightweight.
* Easily Adjustable.
* Made from quality non-absorbent marine grade webbing
* Compatible with Remora’s Ankle, Calf & Thigh holsters
* Completely hand washable
* Low profile design makes for the ultimate conceal carry.
* Will accept up to 2 Firearms (one on each side).
* Easy Canting of firearm.
* Crafted with Remora’s high quality standards.

Shoulder Rig Accessories (Sold Separately):

* Gun Holster
* Single Magazine Holder (Can Also be Used to Carry an Extra Speed Strip, Knife, or Small Flashlight)
* Dual Magazine Holder (Can Also be Used to Carry an Extra Speed Strip, Knife, or Small Flashlight)

For more information about the new Remora Shoulder Rig, and the full range of products currently offered by Remora, please visit

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