Rio Grande Custom Grips: Compact 1911 Red Dragon image grips with new RioGrip surface.
Rio Grande Custom Grips: Compact 1911 Red Dragon image grips with new RioGrip surface.

Rio Grande Custom Grips has announced a new line of compact handgun grips for its compact, Officer, Defender model 1911 pistols with a new high-traction grip surface. With a variety of new beautiful imbedded designs and statements, these grips enable the end user to seriously dress up their 1911 type compact.

These grips will fit with any 1911 brand/type compact handgun that is patterned off the original Colt compact frame. One appealing feature for these smaller grips is the RioGrip. “The RioGrip is a pattern imbedded into the tough polymer surface that sort of resembles snake scales,” the press release reads. “These unique oval dimples give an excellent purchase between hand and grip and yet do not snag up on clothing as does checkering.”

Rio Grande Custom Grips manufactures a series of illustrated handgun grips for revolvers and various pistols. The company uses a proprietary patented process to put virtually any image, illustration and/or verbiage on a handgun grip. Their grips are made from molded high-strength specialized polymer. In addition, they are salt, oil, solvent, water impact and abrasion resistant because the image is encased in tough poly-material made to last.

“These new grips open up the owner’s ability to make a personal sentiment or show off some great artwork,” said Bryan Chambers, V.P. of Rio Grande Custom Grips. “Nothing much in the firearm world looks cooler than a handgun with really neat grips.”

The manufacturer suggested retail price for the High Traction Compact 1911 Grips by Rio Grande Custom Grips is $64.95 for one pair. Two to five pairs are $54.95 each plus shipping and handling.

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