A longtime fan of Ruger revolvers, author Clair Rees investigated two new rimfire revolvers from the company, Ruger’s Single-Nine (.22 WMR) and Single-Ten (.22 LR), in a review for the 2015 issue of the COMPLETE BOOK OF GUNS. The single-action revolvers caught Rees’ eye not only with their classic styling, but with their practical ergonomics as well.

“Visually, the Single-Nine and Single-Ten revolvers are all but identical. At the moment, the Single-Nine is offered with a 6.5-inch barrel, while the Single-Ten’s barrel is an inch shorter. The .22 WMR weighs in at 39 ounces, while the .22 LR version weighs an ounce less. I expect other barrel lengths to appear soon,” says Rees in his review. “Both guns wear flawless satin stainless steel finishes and fluteless cylinders. 
A legend identifying the cartridge is engraved around the rear of the .22 WMR cylinder. The Single-Ten’s .22 LR cylinder lacks this adornment.”

During testing, Rees found the Single-Nine and Single-Ten models provided reliable accuracy at 25 yards. “All of the .22 LR loads I tried delivered more than acceptable accuracy. The best Single-Ten performance came with PMC Match Pistol ammunition,” says Rees. “Five-shot groups averaged 1.65 inches between centers. Winchester’s 40-grain Super-X load regularly punched 2.20-inch groups.”

Moving on to the Single-Nine, Rees found similarly reliable range results. “The .22 WMR Single-Nine revolver seemed to prefer Winchester’s 28-grain jacketed hollow-points, averaging 1.72-inch five-shot spreads. Other .22 WMR ammunition I tried yielded groups hovering around the 2.25-inch mark,” says Rees. “I attribute this kind of accuracy to the steadying heft these guns provide, along with tight tolerances, excellent sights and crisp, controllable triggers. Ergonomic grips were also a big help.”

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