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Janesville Police hosted a S.A.F.E. self-defense program. (Photo: www.WIFR.com)

Over a dozen women participated in yesterday’s S.A.F.E. self-defense training course in Janesville, Wisconsin.

According to WIFR, the class involves women learning to defend themselves against an attacker by learning basic techniques related to situational awareness. The event is sponsored by the Janesville Police Department. Sergeant Brian Donohue says the class provides crucial information for women.

“Some of them have never taken a self-defense class,” said Sgt. Donohoue. “What they need is some options just in case something happens.”

“Down the road I hope I never really need it,” class participant Rosemary Brown said. “If I do I’d like to have a few skills that I can put into play.”

This is the eighth year that the Janesville Police Department has held the S.A.F.E. class. During that time, they’ve trained at least two thousand women. The next session is scheduled for monday.

For more information about S.A.F.E. self-defense training, call Sgt. Donohoue of the Janesville Police Department at: (608) 755-3133 or email him at [email protected]

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