Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition
Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition

Amid several companies releasing high-quality ammunition to work with their weapons, Sig Sauer has unveiled it’s own line of Elite Performance Ammunition — with V-Crown Jacketed Hollow Point bullets — designed to provide optimum accuracy, reliability, and performance in a personal defense round.

According to Sig’s website, the SIG V-Crown stacked hollow point design provides a smaller additional hollow point cavity behind the main cavity. This design, in addition to V-shaped jackets skives and scores, provides controlled, uniform expansion at all effective distances and velocities. In addition, the V-Crown bullet has a toothed cannelure halfway up the bullet’s shank, which locks the jacket and core. This feature ensures maximum weight retention and optimized terminal performance.

Sig Sauer Elite Performance ammunition is currently available in 90-grain .380 ACP, 124-grain 9mm Luger, 125-grain .357 SIG, 165-grain .40 S&W and 200-grain .45 ACP loadings.

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