Author Stan Trzoniec compiled an intriguing roundup of STI International’s 1911 offering for the 2015 issue of the COMPLETE BOOK OF GUNS. Included in the review were well-known STI 1911 models such as the Edge, the Perfect 10 and the Ranger II.

“A short time back, I had the good fortune of running one of STI’s fine automatics through its paces, and found it a joy to shoot. The model is called the Edge, which, according to them, is their top seller for the past 14 years,” says Trzoniec in his review. “It’s a big gun, checking in at 38.5 ounces, but then again, with chamberings in the .40 S&W and the .45 ACP, weight is a good thing to have to steady the shot and reduce muzzle lift. As delivered, I was impressed with the overall appearance of the gun, the detailing and the fitting of all parts.”

Trzoniec also noted STI’s devotion to 1911 designs chambered in 10mm, a cartridge sometimes overlooked in today’s market. “One cartridge that has seemed to be laid by the wayside is the 10mm, and for that STI has a gun just chambered for the aficionados of this cartridge called the Perfect 10. With a longer-than-usual barrel of a full 6 inches, it too is a heavy gun (checking in at almost 42 ounces) and great for the larger 10mm cartridge.”

Elsewhere in his review, Trzoniec discovered STI’s more carry-friendly offerings, like the Ranger II. “I like Commander-styled guns, and here the Ranger II hits my fancy with its shorter 4.25-inch barrel, stippled front strap and blued matte finish. While this is still a perfect gun for the .45 ACP, STI chambers it for the .40 S&W and the 9mm Luger for better control with
a shorter barrel.”

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