A Texas couple released a book for parents to teach children about safe firearm use.
A Texas couple released a book for parents to teach children about safe firearm use.

A Clear Lake, Texas couple are releasing a book designed to educate children about firearms.

According to MyFox Houston, Heidi Rao, a Texas Parks & Wildlife hunting education specialist, and her husband John, a Texas Game Warden, have self-published a book called “Introducing Kids to Firearms and Hunting,” which aims to educate parents about how to safely introduce firearms to their kids.

“If you start from an early age and teach them how to be responsible and how to learn about a firearm the mystery is gone,” said Heidi. “You hide something from a kid, it’s like telling someone not to push that button, they’re going to push that button,” said John.

As John points out, even children who don’t have a gun at home will likely be exposed to one somewhere else. MyFox Houston said that Texas has the most gun dealers in the country, while Harris County boasts the most concealed handgun permits in the state.

“When your child goes over to somebody’s house, you may not have a gun at your home, but are you going to interview every parent your kid knows? For their own safety they need to recognize a gun and how to make a gun safe and how to safely handle a gun,” said John Ra.

The couple has four sons, each of whom are being raised to safely handle a firearm.

“It’s important because you can get killed using guns,” said 12-year-old Dominic Ra.

To purchase the book, head to http://www.northamericanoutdoors.org

Read more: http://www.myfoxhouston.com

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