Ti Training's School Safety & Active Shooter Training Pack
Ti Training's School Safety & Active Shooter Training Pack

Ti Training — a proven leader in interactive simulation and training systems — has unveiled its School Safety and Active Shooter Response Training Pack designed for use on all Ti Training systems. This product represents the first of Ti’s school based training scenarios after teaming up with the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office and John McDonald, Executive Director of Security and Emergency Management at the Jefferson County School District in Colorado.

This training pack comes with seven different scenarios, which include training on verbal commands to deescalate potential threats, the use of force options in an active shooter response and training for educators responsible for school safety.

“It’s a new reality that educators have to be trained and prepared for,” said McDonald. “When you can find a company that provides law enforcement training in a simulated environment and we can translate that into education, now we’re doing something that has never been done before and it’s thinking outside the box. The Ti software allows us to put a teacher inside a simulator and start the “what if process”. They get to see their results, receive immediate feedback and decide what are my options.”

The company also announced that the new School Safety and Active Shooter Response Training Pack will be available for free for all existing Ti Training customers. Any Ti Training customer that has purchased a fixed system will receive the training pack as a bonus.

“The true value of a training simulator is that mistakes can be made without anyone getting hurt,” said Todd Brown, Vice President of Training at Ti Training. “It is the fastest and best way to develop critical thinking and decision making skills for these types of incidents.”

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