TRUGLO Brite-Site TFO Handgun Sights
TRUGLO Brite-Site TFO Handgun Sights

TRUGLO, a leading manufacturer of fiber-optic sights and accessories for the shooting sports industry, has introduced its line of 1911 Brite-Site TFO (Tritium/Fiber-Optic) handgun sight models, new for 2014.

According to the press release, this line includes Novak Lo-Mount cut sights for the 5” Government in .45ACP, 9mm/.40 S&W, as well as the 3” Officers and 4.25” Commander models in .45ACP, 9mm/.40 S&W. Each of these sights include TRUGLO’s patented TFO technology delivering an enhanced sight picture 24/7. In addition, the TFO technology achieves rapid target acquisition by using existing ambient light to illuminate the sight picture in bright lighting conditions, and utilizing the tritium to illuminate the fiber-optic during low-light or no light conditions. Simply put, the TFO technology gets the job done when other sight systems are unable to deliver.

These low profile sight housings are constructed from CNC-machined steel. The design protects the fiber while concealing its view from the target. In addition, these TFO sights are compatible with standard holsters and are snag-resistant and dependable. Each set is available in a green front sight /green rear sight combination or a green front sight / yellow rear sight combination.

Features: TRUGLO Brite-Site TFO Handgun Sights for 1911’s

  • TFO (Tritium/Fiber-Optic) patented technology
  • Consistent sight picture 24/7.
  • Transitions between all light conditions
  • Glows in the dark
  • No batteries required
  • CNC- machined steel construction
  • Concealed fiber cannot be seen by target
  • Fits standard holsters
  • Snag-resistant design

For more information about the Brite-Site TFO 1911 handgun sight models, and the full range of products currently offered by TRUGLO, please visit

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