When it comes to protecting your home, you’re going to need more than just your home defense weapon. In a roundup on, Mark DeLucas highlights a variety of products — including safes, flashlights, locks and safe rooms — which, used in conjunction with a firearm, will boost your home security and help you be prepared for any situation.

One of the highlighted products, the Barska FV-3000 Fireproof Vault Safe, provides the end user with effective security for their firearms and related accessories. “Sturdy, large and fireproof, the new FV-3000 Fireproof Vault Safe from Barska offers space for storing up to 45 rifles and their attendant accessories,” DeLucas writes. “The FV-3000 features six solid-steel locking bolts for unbreachable security, and is fireproofed to withstand for up to one hour temperatures of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.”

DeLucas was also full of praise for the ExtremeBeam SX21R flashlight. “People sometimes speak of their everyday carry guns. Well, here’s your everyday carry flashlight,” DeLucas writes. “The ExtremeBeam SX21R is built ultra-rugged, machined from solid bar-stock aluminum and fitted with double o-ring seals for waterproof protection to a depth of 30 feet.”

Another unique product is the home redesign service offered by Creative Home Engineering. “Perhaps no house is 100-percent burglar proof, but as Creative Home Engineering founder Steven Humble puts it, ‘A thief can’t burglarize a room if he doesn’t know it’s there,'” DeLucas writes. “That’s the credo motivating the Creative Home Engineering home redesign service specifically focused on building passageways that completely conceal hidden rooms and safes to the untrained eye.”

For the full roundup of 12 products for total home security, head over to!

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