Master Gunsmith and Certified Gunsmithing Instructor Bob Dunlap
Master Gunsmith and Certified Gunsmithing Instructor Bob Dunlap

American Gunsmithing Institute has announced they are now offering gunsmiths and students alike the “Design, Function and Repair: Remington 870/1100” class with Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap. The course is set for August 25 through 29 in Coquille, Oregon, and it is open only to current AGI Professional Gunsmithing students. Successful completion of the Rifles section of the course is required prior to registering for this class.

According to the press release, the class is comprised of 1/3 lecture and 2/3 hands-on experience, and it covers most aspects of the design, function, repair and tuning of a Remington 870/1100. Students must bring a Remington model 870 and a model 1100 or 1187, a large screwdriver, eye protection, dial caliper, a two or four ounce ball peen hammer, a set of needle files, a larger mill file or mill bastard, a punch set, stones, a propane or MAP GAS torch (optional), lube oil and cold blue. In addition, AGI asks that students bring some test fire ammunition, but there will be no ammunition in the classroom.

Bob Dunlap is a Master Gunsmith and Certified Gunsmithing Instructor who has been a professional gunsmith for over 35 years. He spent 20 years as a Senior Instructor at Lassen College’s gunsmithing school, while simultaneously maintaining a fully staffed gun shop. During his career, Dunlap has been personally responsible for the repair of over 250,000 firearms.

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