American Knife and Tool Institute has updated its website to include detailed information about knife laws for each state.

American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI) — a Wyoming-based non-profit organization which represents all areas of the knife industry and knife users — has revamped its website to include new features for members, such as a comprehensive breakdown of knife laws by state.

“Making state knife laws available online to our members and easily accessible has been a priority for AKTI in the last year,” AKTI Executive Director Jan Billeb said in a press release. “Ensuring that the information is complete and legally accurate has been our primary goal.”

AKTI members will have access to detailed knife laws for all 50 states, while non-members can see a few legal facts about each state. Information includes which knives are prohibited, which knives may be legally sold or manufactured, and much more. As the press release notes, this information was collected and written by AKTI’s legislative consultant, Dan Lawson, a lawyer who has over a decade of experience in the knife industry.

The revamped and updated website also includes news and action alerts, merchandise, education regarding safe knife use for the general public and law enforcement, AKTI’s knife definitions and guide to traveling with knives, and information about AKTI’s monthly fundraiser to support their legislative efforts.

“Every year we see more and more people – both our members and the general public – looking for information about safe and legal knife use,” Billeb added. “Our website has been redesigned to make it even easier for visitors to learn more about all facets of knife use in the U.S.”

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