The Charlottesville Sheriff's Office in Virginia hosted a self-defense class last weekend. (Photo:

A new self-defense class hosted by the Charlottesville Sheriff’s Office in Virginia took place this past Saturday.

According to NBC29, participants were taught a variety of basic self-defense techniques which could help save their lives should they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

“I think it’s important for people to know how to defend themselves and how to get away and help prevent an attack,” Charlottesville Sheriff James Brown said.

Deputy Rose Clark said, “We’re teaching the techniques that can be used by both men and women because men do attack other men and there’s even some women that attack men and we just want everybody to be safe.”

As NBC29 reports, the $10 class, open to people of all ages and genders, was divided into two parts. The first portion consists of a lecture on situational awareness and the second part centers around technique training.

“The main goal is to teach people that they don’t have to become a victim, that they have options,” said Clark.

“I’m a mom. I’m a single woman and sometimes you know you got to protect yourself. You don’t know who’s out there,” Class participant Tonya Hopkins said.

Plans for all-female and all-male courses are in the offing.

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