Cricket Night Vision CNV-100
Cricket Night Vision CNV-100

Cricket Night Vision — a manufacturer of affordable night optics and accessories for both professional and recreational uses — has unveiled their CNV-100 binoculars, brand new for 2014.

Designed for sportsmen, homeowners and anybody else who wants an advantage after dark, the compact CNV-100 boasts seven infrared levels, 3x zoom, a CMOS high sensitivity sensor, adjustable focus, and a black and white display for improved visibility. It also comes with a recording and downloading option, as well as a micro SD card and USB cord so you can then upload and share everything you witnessed the night before.

According to Cricket Night Vision, the CNV-100 has a 10-hour record time, so if you’re a hunter, you can place this along deer trails, tree stands or other prime locations. It’s also great for home monitoring. Ever wanted to find out what keeps running on the roof or climbing into the garage at night? The CNV-100 will provide you with the answers. Burglaries and other suspicious activities can now be monitored. In addition, the CNV-100 is great for taking on camping trips, parties and just playing with around the house. Simply put, the CNV-100 is perfect for use in a number of different situations. MSRP for this product is not immediately available.


* 7 mode IR
* 3x zoom
* Digital camera
* Video
* 1gig mini SD card
* USB Cables
* Carrying Case and Strap
* Black and White Resolution for Maximum Vision

For more information about the Cricket Night Vision CNV-100, please visit

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