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For decades, Walther has been well known for designing some of the most innovative, reliable semi-automatic pistols born for concealment. Think of James Bond’s Walther PPK. The new Walther CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) is what you might call a “timeless” design that offers compact dimensions for discreet carry while combining aspects of Walther’s design heritage dating back to 1929, with the latest in polymer frame construction and recoil management. The striker-fired CCP, chambered in 9mm, has an average trigger pull weight of 5.5 pounds, as I measured and confirmed on my Lyman digital trigger pull gauge; an interchangeable, white-dot front sight; an adjustable, two-dot rear sight; a reversible magazine release for left- or right-handed operation; and a Picatinny rail molded into the frame for mounting accessories like lights and lasers.

The ergonomic grip has subtle texturing that makes it easier to handle to pistol and control it on the range. The CCP 9mm also has a very slim, i.e. “low profile,” manual thumb safety that proved easy to disengage on the draw, as well as an internal firing pin block, or drop safety. The trigger has a nominal 0.5 inches of take-up with about 0.125 inches of overtravel, and reset requires only a partial let-off of the trigger with a firm, perceptible click as it reengages.

While larger than many subcompacts, the CCP 9mm has very concealable dimensions. It measures 6.41 inches long overall, 1.18 inches wide, 5.12 inches tall and weighing 22.24 ounces unloaded. It also utilizes an eight-round magazine, giving the CCP an impressive capacity for its size. The new Walther 9mm is available as a two-tone model (shown) and with a black Cerakote finish. To fully understand this innovative new Walther CCP, check out this video and keep your eyes peeled for a full test and review in an upcoming issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS magazine. To subscribe, go to

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