A concealed carrier stopped a pair of armed robbers in Macon, Georgia.

A concealed carrier in Macon, Georgia used his firearm to stop a pair of armed robbers outside a retail store.

According to WMAZ, Tim Jackson was in a GameStop in the Eisenhower Crossing shopping center to purchase a Star Wars video game for his young son. A suspect — identified as Javon Britton — was also in the store.

While waiting to check out, Jackson heard the words “Get on the ground or I’m going to start shooting.”

Armed with a rifle, Britton proceeded to rob Jackson, other customers, the store and its employees.

As WMAZ reports, Britton left the store and Jackson followed him, managing to get to his own car where he kept his handgun. He then began searching for Britton.

Jackson said he locked eyes with the suspect, who looked to be reaching for his gun while inside his vehicle.

According to WGMT, Jackson opened fire, shooting out the window of the car. Britton then jumped the embankment and headed towards Ashley Furniture store, where he crashed in the parking lot.

Police arrived and arrested Britton and another suspect, Maryann Davis, who was inside the vehicle. The two will remain in custody pending their hearing in superior court, WMAZ said.

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