A new book about personal safety for women has been released by Dennis Golden, member of the Metacon Gun Club and CEO of IM-SAFE, a Simbury, Connecticut-based training company specializing in personal safety and self-defense.

According to the Courant, the book, “What to Know, Do and Say to be Safe: A Woman’s Guide to Personal Safety,” goes over topics such as dating violence, internet safety, and how to react in dangerous situations. The book was co-authored by Golden’s daughter, Jennifer Lownik, executive VP of IM-SAFE and a certified self-defense instructor. Proceeds benefit the IM-SAFE Institute, an organization which provides free workshops to women who are victims of abuse.

“The whole concept: ‘It will never happen to me’ … ‘Nothing will happen to me because I live [in a safe community],’ but some of the worst domestic violence issues take place in communities like this one,” said Golden, an NRA pistol instructor.

As the Courant reports, Golden said it was vital for people to take responsibility for their personal safety, so they’re always prepared for a potentially dangerous situation.

Golden is also in charge of the Girls Strike Back program, which teaches Brazilian jiujitsu techniques to girls ages 13 and up.

“What to Know, Do and Say to be Safe: A Woman’s Guide to Personal Safety” is available on Amazon for $15. A Kindle version can be purchased for $7.

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