Impact Bay Area is teaching their Womens Basic's Self-Defense class in Alameda, CA.

Impact Bay Area — an organization that teaches personal safety and full-force self- defense using padded mock assailant instructors — is offering their Women’s Basics self-defense course at Alameda Martial Arts in Alameda, California on October 18 from 12 pm to 6 pm.

According to, this class covers boundary setting, effective physical self-defense, and students have the opportunity to create custom fight scenarios. It is designed for women ages 18 and up.

“This Women’s Basics is a 20+ hour course that covers situational awareness, verbal and emotional boundary setting, and effective physical self-defense,” their website states. “In this course we focus on attacks by a single, unarmed assailant – the most common form of attack that individuals face. We also explore issues related to fear and violence in society, and students have an opportunity to create custom fight scenarios. For maximum individual instruction, classes are limited to 14-16 students.”

In addition to the first class on October 18, there are three classes on October 19, October 25 and October. The cost of attendance is $595 for all 24 hours of instruction.

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