LaserLyte CM-MK4 laser with a Taurus Millennium G2.
LaserLyte CM-MK4 laser with a Taurus Millennium G2.

LaserLyte, an Arizona-based manufacturer of firearms laser technologies, announced that the CM-MK4 Center Mass red laser is now available on three Taurus pistols: the new PT840 in .40 S&W, the PT92 in 9mm and the Millennium G2. The CM-MK4 handgun laser, which provides the end user with rapid target acquisition and a better score rate, is now available for purchase with the aforementioned Taurus models through many big box stores such as Cabela’s, Bass Pro and Academy. It is also shipping to most distributors.

As the press release notes, the CM-MK4 laser projects a ring of 8 red laser dots with one red laser dot in the center as the aiming laser. The ring grows at 1-inch per yard, which is roughly the same configuration as a shotgun aimed at a moving target. The circular pattern of the red laser provides the end user with the advantage of having a wide field of view while keeping both eyes open for aiming.

Simply put, the CM-MK4 is perfect for a number of different situations, including learning the sight pattern of their Taurus personal defense pistol, learning how to immediately and precisely aim when under theater, and helping individuals with vision issues confidently return to the shooting sports.

LaserLyte has been a leader in laser technology for over 25 years. All products sold new come with a three-year warranty. For more information about the CM-MK4 Center Mass Laser for Taurus, and the full range of products currently offered by LaserLyte, please visit

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