Lyman has channeled over 100 years of shooting knowledge and expertise into their new line of gun cleaning products, including the Universal Bore Guide Set, the Universal Cleaning Rod System, and the Complete 26 Piece Jag & Brush Set. Each of these fulfills a specific function which will ease the cleaning experience for the end user. Read below for more about these three new products, via the official press release.

Universal Bore Guide Set: This set is designed to direct and center the cleaning rod and jag through the chamber. This protects both the chamber and the bore from abrasion by the cleaning rod during regular cleaning. “Universal” means that this set will fit most bolt actions and even includes a special adapter sleeve for the AR-15. Precision machined from durable, anodized aluminum, the set comes with interchangeable tips that cover bore sizes from .17 up to .416 and the thread-on nozzles prevent the guide from sticking in the chamber. The guide’s specially machined port makes applying solvent to the inserted cleaning patch easier and neater than trying to push a wet patch into the open end of the guide. The Universal Bore Guide Set works with most cleaning rods like Lyman’s new Universal Cleaning Rod System and Jag and Brush Set.

Universal Cleaning Rod System: The comfortable, chemical resistant handle is interchangeable for all rod lengths and calibers. The rods can be purchased individually in sizes of 12″, 26″, 36″ and 44″ and in calibers ranging from .17 to .45. The Universal Cleaning Rod System includes the Universal Handle plus the four most popular rods: 12″ (22-26 Cal), 12″ (27-45 Cal), 36″ (22-26 Cal), 36″ (27-45 Cal). This system is designed to handle all handguns and rifles with two 12″ and two 36″ rods that thread into the ergonomic swivel handle. Like the handle, the cleaning rods are chemical resistant. In addition, the rods are machined from spring steel and have a tough, non-abrasive proprietary epoxy coating. They are threaded to mount standard 8-32 jags and brushes like those in Lyman’s new 26 Piece Complete Jag and Brush Set. The rods and Universal Handle are also available separately and a special .17 caliber rod is also offered.

Complete 26 Piece Jag & Brush Set: The new set keeps your bore cleaning necessities protected and organized in a durable, hinged storage container. Containing 26 pieces organized by caliber, this set has slots for each jag and brush from .17 to .45 calibers. The hinged covers are see-through and slots are clearly marked for quick selection. All jags and brushes use standard 8-32 thread except the .17 caliber uses a 5-40 thread. These jags and brushes work perfectly with Lyman’s new line of Cleaning Rods.

For more information about Lyman’s new line of gun cleaning products, and the full range of products currently offered by Lyman, please visit

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