Midwest Gun Works — a Missouri-based industry leader in firearms parts, accessories and gunsmithing services — has updated their website to include a section devoted exclusively to Timney Triggers, which produces over 170 models of triggers for bolt-action rifles, shotguns, AR rifles, semi-automatic rifles and archery triggers. The company now offers Timney Triggers and trigger spring kits for most major manufacturers, including AR Platforms, Arisaka, Browning, CZ, Enfield, FN SCAR, Mauser, Remington, Ruger, Sako, Savage, Springfield, Weatherby and Winchester.

If you’re looking to replace a two-stage trigger with one that is smooth and breaks crisp, the Timney AR-15 Large Pin 3 Pound Solid Trigger is your answer. According to the press release, the trigger is a true drop-in trigger with a pull weight of three pounds. It installs using the rifle’s original hammer/trigger pins and the design eliminates pin rotation and walkout. This large pin model fits older Colt rifles. It is available at MGW for $219.95.

The drop-in Timney Mossberg 100 ATR Trigger with Safety installs in a Mossberg 100 ATR rifle. It is made with a lightweight 6061-TG6 CNC machined aluminum housing with wire EDM cut, heat-treated steel trigger and sear. This trigger has a two position, trigger blocking side safety. It also has a Teflon nickel coated sear which guarantees a lifetime of service and has a fully adjustable sear engagement, over-travel and pull weight of 1.5-5 lbs. It is available at MGW for $109.95.

The Timney Trigger for the Ruger 10-22 is a complete action replacement made of CNC machined 6061-T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum. As the press release notes, the trigger, sear and hammer are wire EDM cut and heat treated steel for durability. Simply push out the two action pins and “drop in” the new the new Timney Complete Trigger assembly. This trigger assembly has a Timney designed extended magazine release which can be operated by one finger for ease and accessibility. It also comes standard with an auto bolt release and is set at 2 ¾ pounds from the factory with no creep. It is available at MGW for $174.47.

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