Moore's Shou Shu Martial Arts hosted its annual "Kickin' It in the Park" self-defense event in Minot, ND. (Photo: Facebook)

Moore’s Shou Shu Martial Arts — a nationwide program which teaches students the art of unarmed combat — hosted its fourth annual ‘Kickin’ It in the Park’ event in Minot, North Dakota this past weekend.

According to KFYR, attendees learned a variety of important self-defense techniques, including how to react in a dangerous situation while maintaining control of their own body.

“So people feel safe, and they’re not scared. Being scared is not okay. You shouldn’t have to feel scared coming out of your house, and so, you should be able to enjoy the community,” said self-defense student and teacher Alexis Potter. “So it’s really important for people to come out and see that these type of things are available to them.”

“The community’s growing, and there’s new people moving into the community,” said Moore’s Martial Arts instructor Rodger Martin, “and to have knowledge of what you can do if a situation arises, that you really need to know how to have those skills, whether you’re bigger or smaller, that you’re gonna be able to take care of yourself.”

As KFYR reports, Moore’s Martial Arts offers free self-defense classes for Minot women every Thursday evening. For more information, go to their Facebook page.

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