Wolf Premium Oils: All-in-One Gun Oil & Cleaner
Wolf Premium Oils: All-in-One Gun Oil & Cleaner

Wolf Premium Oils — an Oklahoma-based company which brings field-tested oils and cleaners to the marketplace — is launching its All-in-One Gun Oil & Cleaner, brand new for 2014.

According to the press release, this cutting-edge oil and cleaner tested above-average in lubricity and removal of metal surface impurities. It is designed to remove and repel moisture, maintains a cooler barrel temperature and protects against corrosion to metals. A bottle of the All-in-One Gun Oil & Cleaner provides roughly 60 cleanings.

“We are excited to offer a premium product in the market that will truly change the way that people care for their weapons,” stated Mike Wolf, Owner of Wolf Premium Oils. “We understand the importance of preventative maintenance on weapons and customer satisfaction; therefore we put our products through a vigorous testing and application process to ensure the safety and quality of all of our products.”

The All-in-One Gun Oil & Cleaner comes in a two-ounce bottle. The manufacturer suggested retail price is $9.95.


* Cleans deeper
* Increases lubricity
* Removes and repels moisture
* Removes impurities from any metal surface
* Maintains cooler barrel temperatures
* Protects against corrosion
* Made in USA

All products by Wolf Premium Oils are manufactured in the United States. Wolf Premium Oils gives ten percent of profits to charities worldwide. For more information about the All-in-One Gun Oil & Cleaner, and the full range of products currently offered by Wolf Premium Oils, please visit http://www.wolfpremiumoils.com

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