A new women's self-defense class is being offered in Kewanee, Illinois. (Photo: www.bullyproofaz.com)

Residents in Kewanee, Illinois, have the opportunity to attend a free women’s self-defense course sponsored by the Kewanee Police Department, the YMCA and Freedom House.

According to the Star Courier, the class will meet from 6-7 p.m. on the first Friday of September and continue every Friday through the first Friday in October. Classes will take place in the Kewanee YMCA tumbling center.

This self-defense course teaches women situational awareness and provides them with some basic techniques for defending themselves.

“Our aim is to teach awareness, and introduce students to some techniques,” instructor and Kewanee police officer Kevin Bloom said. “Proficiency comes later.”

As the Star Courier reports, Bloom will be joined by police officer Justin Reed and Marland Rachel, a Kewanee High School teacher who also serves as a martial arts instructor at the local YMCA.

The course also includes a session on concealed carry taught by a firearms expert, the Star Courier said.

To register, contact the Kewanee YMCA at 309-853-4431.

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