Predator Tactical's 1911 Silver Shrike Handgun

Predator Tactical — an Arizona-based company which sells firearms, accessories, instructional videos, and professional firearms training — is releasing its 1911 Silver Shrike handgun.

This new Silver Shrike features unique Trout scales texturing — designed by PT’s Aaron Trout — on the front strap, mainspring housing and front & rear of the slide. As the official product listing states, this texturing allows for a comfortable grip which doesn’t move around in your hand. This gun also has high polished silver sides with engraved lettering and logos, and a stainless steel slide, frame and Predator Tactical Champion Match Grade barrel. In addition, it comes in a number of different finishes, including all stainless steel, all Black nitride, stainless over nitride, and Burkett HD.

The 1911 Silver Shrike by Predator Tactical is available at manufacturer suggested retail price of $1,995.00 – $3,130.00, depending on the different features selected. See below for additional details.

Features: 1911 Silver Shrike

* High polished silver sides with engraved lettering and logos.
* Stainless steel slide, frame and Predator Tactical Champion Match Grade Barrel
* Fixed Novak with or without Tritium Inserts.
* Ambi or Single Side Safeties.
* Extreme Engineering hammer/sear/disconnector/strut.
* Comes with two fitted and tested Cobra 8-round magazines from Tripp Research.
* One hour of private training in Arizona by the Predator Team.
* One complete refinishing for the original owner.
* Includes an embroidered pistol bag.

For more information about the 1911 Silver Shrike handgun, and the full range of products currently offered by Predator Tactical, please visit

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