What will happen to you and your family when disaster strikes and the grid goes down? In the upcoming GUN ANNUAL 2015, author Scott Oldham offers plenty of expert advice for building and maintaining your survival arsenal.

Oldham writes, “As the world situation continues, in some opinions, to decline, a significant number of individuals have become interested in all things “survival,” amongst which is the topic of survival firearms. One has but to do a quick search on the internet and a variety of opinions about the subject are there for the reader to digest—such a variety that, for many, the issue has become a little more than confusing.

“When you begin to look toward establishing a ‘survival’ battery of defensive firearms, the first thing that you must account for is exactly what you think your situation might become. Are you perhaps planning to survive a local or region-wide disaster where normalcy and the rule of law will eventually return, or are you imagining yourself in the true end-of-the-world scenario? The scenario that you plan for will greatly alter what weapons you might select. Of course, opinions will vary as to what is the all-around “best” survival firearm for any situation, but in truth the best weapon is the one you have in hand when you need it.

“The first rule of building a survival-firearms battery is therefore simple: Own a gun. After that, the envisioned scenario, and how the particular firearm fits within it, becomes paramount. For each situation that you envision, you must plan for your defense, which means obtaining, and having the ability to carry, a small battery of arms. In any survival situation, your firearms must be reliable in the extreme, requiring little or no routine maintenance beyond cleaning, be common enough that there are easily accessed spare parts and accessories that do not require specific hand-fitting, and be chambered in a caliber that can be easily located and purchased in quantity before the disaster and possibly found or acquired after.”

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