The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office is set to host two gun safety classes soon. (Photo: Facebook)

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia will soon host two gun safety classes for local residents.

According to Rockdale News, the classes will consist of a classroom portion and time at the RCSO gun range. The two classes will take place on September 13 and October 11 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Space is limited to 25 people for each class.

Participants will be taught basic firearms safety, current gun laws, and “basic terminology” of the revolver and semi-auto handguns, Rockdale News said. After the classroom portion, students will head to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office firing range, where they can use their firearm under supervision of certified firearms instructors from the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office.

“I am pleased to offer two more gun safety classes for the citizens of Rockdale County,” said Sheriff Eric J. Levett. “It is very important for someone who owns a gun to know the law and how to use the weapons safely. The RCSO firearms instructors will be updating the attendees on all the changes that just took effect July 1st.”

As Rockdale News reports, participants must be Rockdale County residents, at least 21 years old, and have no felony convictions. They must also bring a legal, modern handgun which will pass instructor inspection, and their own ammunition.

If interested, pick up an application in person at the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office from the Judicial Bureau, or download an application from the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office website. The deadline to turn in the application is August 29.

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