Stealth Cam: Digital Night Vision Monocular
Stealth Cam: Digital Night Vision Monocular

Stealth Cam — a Grand Prairie, Texas-based manufacturer of innovative scouting cameras — announced their new Digital Night Vision Monocular (NVM) which is perfect for low light or after hours scouting, nighttime boat rides, camping, search and rescue, and a variety of other night time activities.

As the press release states, the Digital Night Vision Monocular uses a low light CMOS Sensor which allows for true night vision with efficient power consumption. It has a night time viewing distance of over 400 feet, 9x digital zoom, a 1.5″ high resolution TFT display for a superior image quality, an adjustable frame rate of 30FPS / 25FPS / 15FPS / 8FPS, and an integrated IR filter for daytime use.

In addition, the Digital Night Vision Monocular has a 3x20mm high quality objective lens with a 7-degree field of view, a 1-watt IR illuminator with an enhanced lens for low light clarity, ABS high impact housing which helps protect the unit, and a rubberized grip. This monocular is powered by four AA batteries (not included). It comes with a carry case and can be purchased at a MSRP of $199.99.

Features: Digital Night Vision Monocular

* Advanced Low Light CMOS Sensor
* 400ft + Night time viewing distance
* 9X Digital Zoom
* 1.5″ Hi Resolution TFT Display
* Adjustable Frame Rate 30FPS / 25FPS / 15FPS / 8FPS
* Integrated IR Filter for day use
* 3x20mm High Quality objective lens
* 1 Watt IR Illuminator with enhanced lens
* ABS High Impact housing
* 7 degree field of view
* Rubberized grip
* Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included)
* Included carry case
* MSRP: $199.99

For more information about the Digital Night Vision Monocular, and the full range of products currently offered by Stealth Cam, please visit

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