Phoenix Armor's Swamp Cooler T-Shirt
Phoenix Armor's Swamp Cooler T-Shirt

Concealed carry takes lots of careful consideration: What gun should you carry? What should you wear to conceal it? But it goes much further than that. If you carry inside-the-waistband (IWB) on a hot day, there’s a good chance you’ll be very uncomfortable and will cover your CCW pistol or revolver in sweat. Instead of leaving your firearm at home, there’s another option: Phoenix Armor’s new Swamp Cooler utility T-shirt is designed to keep wearers 55-percent cooler. In other words, you can be comfortable, maintain your body temperature and maintain your weapon.

The Swamp Cooler T-shirt features a patent-pending, ribbed design that functions similarly to an evaporative cooling system. This ribbing acts as a protective barrier that is also comfortable and regulates temperature, moisture and friction when worn against the skin and underneath other clothing or garments. In essence, the Swamp Cooler’s textile material and vertical welt ribbing help you stay cooler and dryer due to conduction, convection and evaporation. If that weren’t enough, the lightweight shirt also has antimicrobial properties.

Swamp Cooler Features:

* Highly breathable
* Patent-pending ribbing
* Fastest-drying textile
* Maintains body hydration
* Antimicrobial
* Easy care
* Lightweight
* Color fast
* Retains shape
* Sensorial enhancement
* Maintains body thermoregulation

For more information about the Swamp Cooler utility T-shirt, and the full range of other products currently offered by Phoenix Armor, please visit

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