Tetra Gun Lens Cleaner
Tetra Gun Lens Cleaner

FTI, Inc — a New Jersey-based developer of advanced fluoropolymer metal surface treatment technology since 1985 — sells a line of high-performance lubricants, lubricant additives and metal cleaning products for hunters, competitive shooters, law enforcement, military personnel and collectors worldwide, under their Tetra Gun brand.

Tetra Gun has released several products in 2014, including their brand new lens cleaner. According to the official product listing, this lens cleaner was designed with a non-streaking, anti-fog formula and provides great results on sights, scopes, binoculars and glasses. It comes in a two fl oz bottle. The manufacturer suggested retail price is not listed, but if you want to purchase this item, contact FTI Customer Service or email info@tetraproducts.com.

Under their Tetra Gun brand, FTI, Inc manufactures performance lubricants, gun cleaning cloths, cleaning and stock finishing kits, cleaning solvents, ValuPro cleaning kits, paper targets, powder solvents, gun care DVDs, and other gun cleaning accessories. “Our standards for performance and value benchmarks continue to lead the industry through innovation, honesty, work ethic and integrity,” their official website reads.

In addition to their premium gun cleaning products and marine & fishing cleaners, the Tetra brand also includes performance lubrication and cleaning solvents for industrial machinery. “Use of Tetra lubricants and cleaning products results in reduced equipment downtime, improved operating performance and peace of mind, saving the user significant time and money,” the company’s website reads.

For more information about the new Lens Cleaner, and the full range of products currently offered by Tetra Gun, please visit http://www.tetraguncare.com

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