A women's self-defense seminar focusing on the Russian self-defense technique Systema is coming to Wisconsin. (Photo: DEFENSEWORKS)

Self-defense expert Wes Manko is set to present two Wisconsin seminars in Systema — a Russian self-defense program — designed specifically for women.

According to the Wisconsin Gazette, the first seminar will take place on Sept. 7 from noon to 3 p.m. at Milwaukee Urban Acupuncture, 2600 N. Booth St., in Milwaukee. The second seminar is set for Sept. 14 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Madison Fit Body Boot Camp, in Madison. The cost of attendance is $40 at the door or $30 with pre-registration (before Sept. 4 in Milwaukee and Sept. 10 in Madison).

Systema is an ancient Russian self-defense technique which is suitable for people of all fitness levels. As taught by DEFENSEWORKS in Milwaukee and Madison, Systema focuses on street attacks with a goal of ending them quickly. It utilizes principles of force redirection, balance disruption and injury avoidance.

As the Gazette reports, Manko is the founder of DEFENSEWORKS which provides three-hour self-defense seminars and women’s self-defense seminars for businesses and non-profit organizations, in addition to private lessons. The seminars include lectures focusing on violence prevention, verbal de-escalation and a variety of escape tactics.

To register for the upcoming seminars or obtain more information, phone 414-332-0599 or go to www.defenseworks.us. Space is limited, so email wes@defenseworks.us reserve a position.

Read more: http://www.wisconsingazette.com

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