Everybody from your average citizen to hardcore preppers is looking to purchase survival products in case of an emergency. With literally thousands of survival products currently flooding the market, it’s difficult to know where to start. Your best bet is to start with an evaluation of your basic needs. If you’re bugging out, that requires a very specific set of items. If you want to dig in and stay where you are, that’s a different story altogether. There’s also some products which can serve both functions. To help separate the wheat from the chaff, Denis Prisbey posted a roundup on of 10 must-have survival products for any situation.

One of the products highlighted by Prisbey is the RAID Bag by Tactical Medical Solutions. “If you’re part of a larger family or neighborhood group that may need more than six Band-Aids and a bottle of iodine, the comprehensive Tac Med Raid Bag is worth a look,” Prisbey writes. “Designed for heavy-duty responses, the Raid Bag can be stored or travel easily in a sturdy case that can be worn as a backpack or a shoulder bag. Well organized and accessible, the bag can handle light to severe hemorrhages, airway management, burns, penetrating chest trauma, splinting and eye injuries, among other injuries.”

A product which can give you a link to the outside world is vital. Case in point: the Midland Emergency Crank Radio for $59.99, which lets the user “monitor weather or listen for ‘all clear, go home’ updates,” Prisbey writes. “This water-resistant, lightweight, multi-power source, AM/FM radio can operate off replaceable AA cells, an internal USB-chargeable battery, a solar panel and/or a crank to hear what’s going on in
the big picture as well as operate the onboard LED flashlight feature with high and low brightness settings.”

Another basic necessity in survival situations is portable lighting. To that end, you’d be well advised to check out the Pro Tac HL flashlight by Streamlight. “Whether the power grid deserts you or you have to leave it behind, portable lighting is a must, and it needs to be both bright and reliable. Streamlight’s handheld, lithium-powered Pro Tac HL operates on two CR123A batteries in a rugged aluminum body to produce a choice of three light levels (including strobe for signaling a rescue or for disorienting a looter) that tops out at 600 lumens for a beam reach of 253 meters. This high-performance, 5.5-ounce pocket flashlight with a 50,000-hour LED bulb is a bargain at $135.

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