Protecting your home doesn’t just mean owning a firearm and utilizing various security products. It also means having a fierce, loyal dog that’ll keep you, your family and your valuables safe. On, Michael D’Angona highlights 12 dog breeds up to the task. All of these breeds boast different traits, but when it comes to personal and home protection, each one will get the job done.

The first dog breed D’Angona mentions is the German Shepherd. “This dog breed is fearless in nature, extremely intelligent and easily trainable, which makes it a top choice,” D’Angona writes. “It’s this animal’s universal recognition that causes thieves and intruders to ignore houses with this noticeable breed and attempt a house further down the street. When this breed is not ‘patrolling’ its territory, it loves to spend time with the family, always exuding a calm and friendly demeanor.”

Based on sheer size alone, you can’t go wrong with the Great Dane. “Looking to intimidate a would-be attacker? Look no further than the Great Dane,” D’Angona writes. “One look at the massive overall size of the Great Dane and an intruder would think twice before entering that house. Yet, truth be told, this loving animal is a friendly, easy-going breed.”

The Doberman Pinscher is another breed which will scare off or take down an intruder. “Few things are more frightening than a Doberman Pinscher running at you at full force, growling with its full set of sharp teeth exposed,” D’Angona writes. “Extremely fast and highly intelligent, the Doberman is pure muscle and ferocity. Any home with a large backyard or lots of land for this breed to run is ideal to stop a thief before he even has a chance to pick a door lock or shatter a window in your home.”

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