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The student senate at Baylor University in Texas is set to consider a proposal allowing concealed carry of firearms on campus for students with concealed carry licenses.

Gannon McCahill, 20, a student senator and senior studying finance at Baylor, told the Waco Tribune that the new resolution will be voted on at 6 p.m. Thursday night. If passed, it will be sent to Baylor’s administration for approval. At that point, Baylor officials could reject the resolution or send it to the board of regents for approval.

According to the Waco Tribune, McCahill says he believes the resolution has support from 25 additional student senators. There are 37 senators in total.

“I think, for me, it’s an issue of we have a right to bear arms and protect ourselves, and that’s something that’s currently not being given to us on campus,” McCahill said. “Legally, we’re entitled to self-defense, but currently that’s not being held true.”

In order to obtain a concealed carry permit in Texas, the applicant must be at least 21 years old, pass a background check and take four to six hours of training.

Baylor spokeswoman Lori Fogleman has not commented on the resolution.

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