Sturm, Ruger & Company is one of America’s iconic firearms builders and manufacturers. The company’s reputation for building some of the hardest-working, longest-lasting firearms continues to this day. Long known for building pistols, shotguns and rifles for the “everyman,” Ruger has never forgotten or wandered from that formula. In short, Ruger firearms are innovative, easy to use, extremely durable and always reasonably priced.

I recently had the chance to tour Ruger’s Newport, N.H., factory, where I was able to see Ruger’s philosophies and manufacturing models in practice. Ruger is an employee-focused business that strives to provide the best possible work environment and a family-type atmosphere. Ruger also uses some of the latest manufacturing techniques while improving the quality it is so well known for. I saw some of the most advanced machinery for developing firearms, and I met top-quality managers who foster generations of employees. At this particular facility, Ruger engineers can cast their own parts and use state-of-the-art CNC machining, providing the best of both worlds.

I was able to watch the incredibly interesting process of forming metal parts from casts. The tour progressing through the build process, and I could see that each part was expertly fitted, finished and tested. Every Ruger firearm is proof tested prior to leaving the factory. Whether building the time-tested Ruger No. 1 or the latest rifles like the SR-762, Ruger remains committed to building the world’s best firearms.

After the tour, several writers were treated to chance to try out a number of new products. Check out the video to see highlights from the factory and how it works, and keep your eyes peeled for several upcoming reviews of Ruger’s latest firearms.

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