Christensen Arms' Carbon Ranger
Christensen Arms' Carbon Ranger

Christensen Arms, makers of cutting-edge, carbon-fiber-barreled firearms, have introduced their Carbon Ranger. Chambered in either .416 Barrett or .50 BMG, the Carbon Ranger is remarkably light, especially in comparison to its big-bore peers. Weighing 20.9 pounds, the Carbon Ranger is highly portable heavy firepower. And, it’s spot-on accurate, utilizing a carbon-wrapped select match-grade barrel, a McMillan stock, a removable titanium muzzle brake, a cerakoted spiral-fluted bolt, and a cleanly breaking Jewell trigger. This rifle comes in five colors: Natural Graphite, Black with Grey webbing, Tan with Black webbing, Green with Black webbing, and Green with Tan and Black webbing. To be seen, and held, to be believed, the Carbon Ranger high-tech tactical at its finest. “One of the most capable long-range carbon fiber rifles available, the Christensen Arms Ranger is an excellent platform for your next extreme-range custom rifle,” the product listing reads.

Standard Features

* 5-shot magazine
* Carbon-wrapped select match-grade barrel (select match-grade steel also available)
* Barrel length: 18″ to 32″
* Jewell trigger
* McMillan Stock
* Removable titanium muzzle brake
* Cerakoted spiral-fluted bolt
* McMillan Action
* Accurized action
* Standard calibers: .416 Berrett & .50 bmg
* Weight: 20.9 lbs.

Optional Features

* Natural stainless or Cerakoted action finish
* Stock pattern options available

Christensen Arms is a Utah-based manufacturer of custom carbon, high-performance firearms using state of the art materials and technology. For more information about the Carbon Ranger rifle, and the full range of products currently offered by Christensen Arms, please visit

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